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$2.50 eBay fan controller / Zalman Fanmate schematic

So I wanted to adjust a fan down to 3.3 volt, the fan controller only allows 5-12V. Replacement of R6 was needed: To understand this circuit, know that any voltage higher than 2.500 volt on the Ref-pin of the Tl431 … Continue reading

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DIY silent air filter for pollen, dust mites, other allergens and dust

If you own glossy black equipment, you’re probably aware that even after a mere day of not dusting, a thin layer of dust has accumulated on top of your appliance. According to, this domestic dust mainly comes from cloth … Continue reading

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Converting a PWM-signal to a DC-signal for powering the fan on your aftermarket GPU-cooler

After replacing the stock cooler on my graphics card (Replaced the stock 9600GT cooler with a Arctic Cooling Accelero S1 rev.2), i quickly found out that it needed a fan under load, as it’d otherwise crash when the VRM’s reached … Continue reading

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